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Types of agricultural and rural services

Due to its own characteristics, the province has shifted 12 Hydrawlie works Management enterprises into public-benefit enterprises. Various branches of the province have paid attention to solving difficulties, specially funding, consolidating management of manufactories and ensuring sufficient water for agricultural irrigation.

     Annually, those 12 manufactories of irrigational works provide water for 161,000 ha of cultivation and 92,000 ha in the area, in which 51,000 ha for cultivation, is prevented from waterlogging by electric pump to minimize damages in heavy rain.The number of private owned tractor machines has been developed, accounting for major percentage of agricultural machinery in the province: 84% in capacity and 94.8% in number. However, it has been disorganized in operation of economic components in soil preparation with many unnice competitive skills, unstrict technical and financial management, unobvious representative role of cooperatives, and the subdivision of  land has restricted the process of mechanization of soil preparation in particular and agricultural production in general.

     There are 15,950 uninterrupted thrashing combines and plucking machines run by 1-phase electric engine. Thrashing and plucking grains are 99% done by machine while cutting work is still completely by hand.

     In husbandry, collective households have been equipped with machines for incubating, slicing and grinding foods for breeding, ventilating, cleaning facilities and supplying water.    

     For transport, the province has 3,115 tractors of all kinds with a capacity of 4,672 CV. Rural transport was mechanized from 56% in 1998 to 64% in 2002.




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