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Several typical scientific and technical works awarded with Con Son prize for the first time

In 2002, the Provincial People's Committee organized for presenting Con Son scientific - technical prizes for the first time with the presence of the Deputy Minister Bui Manh Hai and representatives of the Ministry of Science, Technology and Environment, Scientific and Technical Council, Provincial Commendation Council, leaders of departments, branches and agencies and the winners.

     Mr. Hoang Binh, Member of the Provincial Standing Committee, Vice-Chairman of the Provincial People's Committee took part and chaired the ceremony.

     In consideration of rewarding, the Council considered and bestowed the first time Con Son prize for 10 participant documents. Twelve works were selected and entered the final; seven works gained 100% votes and five works gained 70 - 80% votes. The Council carried out commending and rewarding 12 works in close and objective procedures to enter into the final, and 10 works were rewarded, specifically:

     -  Two B prizes: Natural Science and application, technological development

     + Application of biological technology in production of mixed varieties Bac Uu 903, Boi Tap, Son Thanh and application of mixed varieties into production performed by Eng. Trinh Huy Dang and Eng. Hoang Thi Lien.

     + Improvement and fabrication of clip for palate operation suitable with physiology of Vietnamese handicapped children, in replacement of imported tools expensive and difficult to buy, for the program of Vietnamese smile surgery, performed by Dr. Nguyen Huu Phan.

     -  Two C prizes

     + Completion and application of improved drying-room in drying agricultural products, reducing fuel expenses and time of drying, improving quality and minimizing substances harmful to human health and ecological environment, performed by Eng. Luong Thi Thuc, Eng. Nguyen Van My and Pham Van Dien.


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Results in the field of inspection of Science and Technology(20/01/2009)
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