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Wednesday, 23/09/2020 21:16PM
Bach Van hermitage and fairy Chessboard

The fairy chessboard is located on Con Son mountain's top where there was a small hermitage that was called Bach Van, bent roofs, banisters around.

     According to the legend, in one afternoon of Autumn, some famous men pursuit a track to go to the from Kinh Bac visted Con Son. After burning onsence, observing ritual, visiting around, they bested in the pagoda. Early morning in the nextday, they pursuited a track to go the top of mountain which was in dense fog. When going near the top, they heard laughters and voices so they thought that the night before there had been probably some people in the hermitage. But, when arriving these famous men were totally surprised because there was no one in the hermitage but a chessboard was played unfinishedly. Having a deep thought, they rectioned: in the night before, the dense fog was a bridge to link this top of mountain to the sky and the fairies went down and played this chess . The presence of those men made the fairies immediately ride on clouds to come back to heaven. That is why the hermitage and chessboard were callde Bach Van hermitage (white clound hermitage) and fairy chessboard./.

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