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Hai Duong People's Committee: Developing the active guiding and managing role in socio-economic deve

It is the key task of Hai Duong People's Committee in 1999-2004 term to guide functional branches, district and city Party Committees, in implementation of 10 programs and 32 projects pursuant to the Resolution of the 13rd Provincial Party Congress on socio-economic development in 2001-2005 period. Up to now, most of the programs and projects have been effectively realised and gained the support of local people, creating great changes in local socio-economic life.

As the executive body of Provincial People's Council as well as the highest State administrative local agent at provincial level, Hai Duong People's Committee is in charge of guiding and managing socio-economic development and stabilising security-national defence across the district. Base on clear assignment among members, the Committee sets out guidance and management plans for each sector and duty.


Enhancing administrative reform - attracting investment

Being aware of adequate and right investment as important solution to resource expansion for the economy, Hai Duong has issued many legal documents on investment encouragement such as 32 projects implementing the Resolution of the 13rd Hai Duong Party Congress including "Attracting and recruiting skilled people", "Creating favourable environment for domestic and foreign investment" and "Effective exploiting and utilising budget investment". In addition, Provincial People Committee has promulgated priority policies on industrial zones and occupation villages. Base on that, Hai Duong People Committee has guided functional sectors and branches to well implement policies on investment priority and push the administration reform with one-door mechanism in an effort to make the province more attractive to domestic and foreign investors.

Achievements in foreign investment attraction have notably shown the province's efforts in reforming administrative procedures, upgrading investment environment and making good impression on investors. Investors have so far had the satisfaction of operating their business in the province. Investment procedures can be completed in only one month instead of three or four months as before. In 2001, the provincial People's Committee guided Hai Duong Department of Planning and Investment in applying new site clearance procedures which allows enterprises (for example: Phu Nguyen International Limited Company) to receive land within 10 days to carry out projects. Some corporations such as: Dae Shin (Korea) expanding their project in Tan Dan (Chi Linh district) and Formostar Garment, Injaen-Vina... were issued licenses within 30 days. In addition, the effort of Chamber of External Economy (under Hai Duong Department of Panning and Investment) in dispatch of experts to assist project realisation have been highly appreciated by foreign investors. Steve Hsu, General Director of May Formostar in Vietnam said with satisfaction: " Coming to Vietnam with an effort to find the housing for an export garment factory, Taiwan Formostar has made research on investment across the country. In Hai Duong, the corporation receives enthusiastic support from local authorities and other concerned bodies. Furthermore, other Taiwan corporation branches are effectively operating there such as: Van Dac Phuc Limited Company, Nghia My Foodstuff Limited Company and Thuy Hong Limited Company. Investment procedures are rather simple and liberal. This is the reason that Formostar invests in Hai Duong"

Besides, Hai Duong People's Committee has promptly collaborated with concerned local sectors and branches in dealing with obstacles risen from enterprise operation, contributing to create the confidence of investors in production-business. Hai Duong advantage in foreign investment attraction is increasingly affirmed and proves to be potential in the future. For the time being, Hai Duong is making negotiation in large project implementation utilising materials from available agricultural products with investors such as: Samiguel Corporation (investing US$100 million in agricultural product processing and production), Asian Nutrition Limited Company (a branch of ANT corporation which is in profitable operation in southern country with total investment of US $15 million). Thanks to the effort of Hai Duong People's Committee in administration reform as well as in implementation of policies and regulations on investment priority, the province has become one of ten provinces of largest foreign investment and a reliable destination to investors.


Actively managing pivotal economic programs and projects

Hai Duong People' Committee not only formulate over-all regulations and policies, building the run way for the taking off of the economy, but also well carries out the guidance and management in specific economic sectors. In terms of agriculture, under the guidance of the provincial People's Committee, Hai Duong agriculture has shifted cultivation and husbandry structure with the focus on quality, productivity and value of crops and livestock. Being aware of the limited capacity of "water, fertiliser and diligence" in increasing crop quality and productivity, Hai Duong agriculture sector constantly consolidates seed production units and develops "paddy field" mode to provide adequate rice seeds for local people. In addition, the committee has strictly managed the implementation of big projects on agriculture and rural development "Instruction for farmers in exchanging lands to each other", "Projects on aqua culture development ", "Project on cultivation and husbandry restructure in an attempt to reach VND36 million per ha by 2005" and "Project on infrastructure and rural transport improvement".

In terms of industry, the provincial People's Committee focuses on dealing with difficulties in production and agricultural product output, increasing the annual industry growth to 28.1% (since 2001). It is vital to choose the right pivotal area for investment and priority to ensure the high and sustainable development of the industry. Therefore, under the guideline of Hai Duong People's Committee, infrastructure for industrial zones, industry complexes and occupation villages have been invested and high quality human resources have been trained to be capable of applying scientific-technical advances in new production. Technology, equipment and production lines have been comprehensively invested to fully exploit the capacity of industry establishments (Central-owned, locality-owned and foreign-invested enterprises) to enhance products' competitiveness and quality. Furthermore, the committee also pays special attention to the development of key sectors such as construction material production, cement, pottery, porcelain, electricity, automobile, garment, footwear and agricultural product and foodstuff processing, creating the momentum for Hai Duong industry.

Reinforcing economic cells


With an aim to enhance the capacity and facilitate the leading role of state economy sector, Hai Duong People's Committee has made strict guidance in rearrangement, renovation of state enterprises across the district and gained many optimistic results. Since 2001, Hai Duong has rearranged 41/62 state enterprises, most of which have renovated equipment, technology, accordingly gaining increasing production-business efficiency and overcoming the pro-longed ineffective operation. With those achievements, Hai Duong is considered one of the leading provinces in the rate and efficiency of state enterprise rearrangement and renovation.



Chu Dau pottery - a favourite to foreign customers

For the effective exploitation of the available potentials and advantages, natural resources, and labour force, Hai Duong People's Committee has sped up big projects such as: Phuc Son Cement Factory, Hoang Thach Cement Production Line No.3, domestic and foreign big-scale industrial establishments, and the fulfilment of Governmental-approved industrial zones in implementation. During 2001-2002, Hai Duong authorities approved 195 domestic projects with total investment of VND 2.500 billion, many of which are under way or put into operation.

Upgrading infrastructure, Hai Duong People's Committee has managed the site clearance, land withdrawal and facilitated investors in launching some big projects such as: establishment of infrastructure of new urban eastern areas, construction of a tourism - culture and new urban area in the west of Hai Duong, establishment of industrial zones such as: Dai An, Nam Sach, Road No.188 construction, upgrade of Mat Son and Con Son lakes and establishment of Chi Linh Star golf-court.

In terms of culture-society, the active guiding role of Hai Duong People's Committee has fully developed through the implementation of projects in the program: "Hunger elimination and poverty reduction", "Job generation" and "Improvement of human resource quality". Implementing the Government export program, the committee has regulated labour export activities to facilitate labourers in export activities and ensure their legal rights. From 2001 to June 2003, with the export of 6,417 labourers, Hai Duong made a contribution to solve unemployment problems and gained a large amount of foreign currencies. Hai Duong People's Committee has guided the training-education in lower secondary universalisation and supported the consolidation of schools in communes, wards and townships with VND25 million per class. With the right leadership and specific assistance measures, Hai Duong People's Committee has contributed to make great changes in local socio-economic life.

The success of guideline and management in socio-economic development is dependent on many factors. Most importantly, Hai Duong People's Committee has strictly obeyed the State legal documents as well as specified the Resolution of the Provincial Party Committee and People's Council in programs of action, projects, plans and decisions. In terms of guidance and management, the committee has closely followed the annual agenda as well as flexibly operated in compliance with the reality, implementing regulations in close collaboration with agents, unions and organisations (such as the provincial People's Committee, National Front, Labour Union, Veteran Association) to realise programs and projects on economic development. In the other hand, Hai Duong People's Committee has satisfactorily dealt with claims from local people. All the claims have been transferred to concerned branches and sectors to be solved in compliance with the law.

During last years, the overall and timely guidance as well as the active support measures of Hai Duong People's Committee in realisation of programs and projects on socio-economic development have played an decisive role and created dramatic changes in Hai Duong, making the province keep up with the integration of the whole country. In the coming time, with the support of local people, the committee will likely promote its managing role to fulfil the task set forward by the Resolution of Hai Duong 13rd Party Congress.

( According to " Hai Duong - new image in century XXI" -National Politics Publishing House )



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