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Thanks to speeding up agricultural, industrial development on the basis of exploiting and bringing advantages of geographic location, land and traditional occupations into play, in recent years, Cam Giang district's economy has rapidly and steadily developed

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Binh Giang district: Striving for an economy industry-handicraft as the core

Binh Giang is a district of potential land, rich labour force and traditional occupations where exists famous Mo Trach village called "the western homeland of doctors" and Ke Sat town dated from the 21st century - a large commerce-service centre with operating scale of all over the country. Binh Giang land and people wholeheartedly made material and spiritual contribution to the success of two great assistance wars. For the time being, in the process of industrialisation and modernisation, Binh Giang is striving to develop its internal strength and find the adequate solution to socio-economic development.

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Ninh Giang District: Generating strength from agricultural development

From a pure agricultural district suffering waterlogging around the year, the Party Committee, authorities and people in Ninh Giang district have made endless efforts and gained a number of economic, cultural and social achievements generating the remarkable change for the image of agriculture and rural area.

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Gia Loc district: Leading in agricultural production in Hai Duong

Gia Loc district has been long since famous for its intensive farming skills with the highest yield of rice cultivation in Hai Duong province. In recent years, the district has continued to head agriculture production since it became the biggest centre of winter vegetables and summer-autumn crops in the province.

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Thanh Ha District: Special litchi and economic features

Thanh Ha litchi with its frame of honey fragrance has become an identical feature of pure agricultural economy of the district. The income from litchi cultivation accounts for about 20% of the local GDP, and nearly 30% of the district's agriculture economy structure. Therefore, the district authority has defined litchi as a key product of the local economy with specific directions such as to maximize the economic efficiency of litchi with the investment in food and soft drink processing sectors; promote the development of trade, service and tourism in litchi plantation regions

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Nam Sach district: Developing Economy Comprehensively

Nam Sach is naturally the most important defence zone in eastern Hai Duong City during the two resistances against the French Colonialists and USA Imperialists. The land, protecting Hai Duong in the past, now becomes the buffer zone in term of the provincial economy to the east. Aside from agricultural sector, which is defined as the key sector, Nam Sach also occupies a lot of potentials, favourable conditions to develop industries, commerce, services, which create premise for the comprehensive development of economy.

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Kim Thanh District: Taking agriculture as a key sector - generating impetus for economic growth

In the glorious defence cause of the nation, Kim Thanh people are ever well-known nation-wide for the resounding campaign "Peal of thunder in the Road No 5", the symbol "Lai Vu's girl with a snake winding her leg still shooting the enemy" or the honourable name "king of mine". Nowadays, they have been devoting all their enthusiasm and strength to every single rice field, factory, occupational workshop and construction site... in order to fast progress on the way to build up a prosperous and civilised native-land in the renovation period.

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Kinh Mon District: Changes for "difficult entrance and area"

Up to now, coming to Kinh Mon, we not only hear about the national scale construction material production centre namely Hoang Thach Cement Company, Hai Duong Cement Company, Mineral Processing and Stone Exploiting Company... but also distinguish the proud changes in the land once formerly considered a "difficult entrance and area".

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Chi Linh District: An industrial and tourism land

With natural advantages, natural resources and landscapes are favourable conditions for the development of Chi Linh District's industry and service sectors. On that basis, Chi Linh District has been focusing on exploiting those strengths, rapidly developing its industrial sector for 74.5% of GDP, contributing to making the district as one of two districts with the highest industrial proportion of Hai Duong Province and an attractive destination of domestic and international tourists.

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Hai Duong city

During the time of King Gia Long, the chief town of Hai Duong was moved from Mao Dien to Han Giang Canton in 1804 and located on a high land of confluence of Thai Binh and Ke Sat rivers, and the town was renamed as Dong Citadel. The citadel (now known as Hai Duong City) has passed 199 years of development so far. Forwarding to 200 years of establishment (1804-2004), Hai Duong City is flaring up with young vitality to become a satellite city of Hanoi capital in a near future. The entire of the city is excited to emulate and do their utmost to make their hope for satellite city come in truth.

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