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Hai Duong People's Committee: Developing the active guiding and managing role in socio-economic deve

It is the key task of Hai Duong People's Committee in 1999-2004 term to guide functional branches, district and city Party Committees, in implementation of 10 programs and 32 projects pursuant to the Resolution of the 13rd Provincial Party Congress on socio-economic development in 2001-2005 period. Up to now, most of the programs and projects have been effectively realised and gained the support of local people, creating great changes in local socio-economic life.

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An introduction to the evolution of Hai Duong

Hai Duong has, over the past years, been outstandingly active in socio-economic development. Its strong growth is easily understood given that the strength is originated from cultural-historical tradition. The tradition is the base and also the impetus for Hai Duong to confidently make strong and rapid progress in line with the country in new period of industrialisation and modernisation.

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Organize social economy as per territory.

Hasten the process of forming and developing industrial zones, industrial concentrated areas. This plays an important role in developing the society&economy in the whole province.

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General information

Hai Duong is an agricultural province in the northern delta. There has been a convenient network of waterways for a very long time. Nowadays, the province's network of waterways, overland roads and rail roads connecting each other and the 3 big cultural and economic centers: Hanoi, Hai Phong and Quang Ninh, creating favorable conditions for goods exchanges

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Plans for socio-economic development of Hai Duong province

Based on general targets and specific targets of socio-economic development of Hai Duong province, the whole country and Northern Key Economic Region as well as the development orientation which was raised on the Resolution of 14th Provincial Party's Committee Meeting, the two plans have been set up as follows:

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Socio-economic development targets of Hai Duong province in 2006-2020
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Major concerns on implementing socio-economic development plan of 2006.

For the past six months, despite the difficulties such as facing bird flu again, high price of petrolium and materials, Hai Duong province's economy has made rather high increase.

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Hai Duong - on the threshold of integration.

World Economic integration is now the unavoidable trend for all countries and economies to improve and raise the competition of each economy. By this way, the country's good and products can compete with others in the world.

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Overview on economy - society

In the current changeable circumstances in the world as well as in the region. Hai duong is facing with a lot of challenges and difficulties such as: slow economic growth with low effectiveness, high production costs, weak and inadequate infrastructure, low-leveled technology, decreased foreign investment, limited local investment, decreased exchanges of trade...

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